On the 22 May 2021 our daughter Diana was born👶

We were in seventh heaven❤️

We had a long preparation before getting pregnant (doing all needed analyses and tests), did everything “right” during pregnancy and did our best after the baby was born. On the 14th day after Diana was born we noticed that she was moving less than before. We have consulted specialists and this is when our torment started. After many analyses, tests, consultations and three weeks of waiting for the main genetic analysis, our worst fears were realized. Diana was diagnosed with Type 1 SMA.

Type 1 SMA is a severe genetic disease which cannot be foreseen. But the most important thing is that this disease can be treated and our daughter can be cured of it and live a normal life.

Diana's life can be saved by one injection, which costs more than 2 000 000 $ and is unfortunately a huge amount for us to gather. It is vitally important for Diana to receive the injection as soon as possible, because the disease causes atrophy of her vital functions and it is getting worse with every next day.

If you can help us with any sum of money or simply share this webpage, we will be grateful for any help.🙏🏼

Bank account of Diana´s father, Biekin Oleksander: 5375 4141 2331 2182

We will provide you with all documents proving the diagnosis.️

Credit cards and accounts on which the money can be transfered

5375 4141 2331 2182 UAH Monobank
4149 4993 8782 9573 UAH Privatbank
4149 4393 1154 1563 UAH Privatbank

4149 4993 8782 9581 RUS Privatbank
5168 7451 0670 7703 EURO Privatbank
5375 4199 0513 5057 EURO Monobank
4149 4993 8599 2365 USD Privatbank
5375 4188 0787 4698 USD Monobank

🇺🇦 BIEKIN OLEKSANDR (Privatbank)
IBAN - UA103052990000026204905067884
Recipient's account - 26204905067884

IBAN - UA603220010000026200314413832

Recipient's account - 4149499387829581

IBAN - UA663052990000026200905068661
Recipient's account - 4149499385992365

IBAN - UA663220010000026203316275246
Recipient's account - 26203316275246

IBAN - UA843052990000026203905068914
Recipient's account - 5168745106707703

IBAN - UA493220010000026203316267113
Recipient's account - 26203316267113